Are you looking for the best Office Cleaning Traverse City has to offer? Well you have come to the right spot! Jenny Clean has just what you need for your home or office, let us get you healthy and clean!! Let us show you why we are rated the highest cleaning service in the Grand Traverse region. We can get you started today with your first cleaning being just one dollar! We know that the first clean is always the most expensive and the hardest hurdle to overcome when making the decision of expanding your business or home cleaning. That’s why we offer your first clean for four hours. For just one dollar when you sign up for recurring cleaning services, this can in the end save you hundreds of dollars and help you get your office or home ready for whatever occasion or just get it clean and healthy!

Let us be your next stop for all your Office Cleaning Traverse City services! We have worked with a variety of businesses just like yours, whether your business is financial services, real estate, insurance, medical, manufacturing, engineering, front of house restaurant, trade services, supply and showroom, government and so many more we want to be the cleaning service for you! Who wouldn’t want to work in a healthy and clean environment? It brings energy and excitement to any work environment! No one works efficiently in a dirty workplace! Let us help you get your team motivated and working! Did you know that on average employees take at least 7.7 sick days a year, that is approximately costing businesses $225.8 billion dollars a year! In just one year, that number is a huge loss! We can help you change that by just getting you started today for one dollar!

Let us help you get your Office Cleaning Traverse City services started immediately!! We can help with reducing nearly 80% probability of anyone catching the common cold and influenza! We help with getting 62% of those viruses that are contaminating your work counter and surfaces gone and 46% reduction in absenteeism!! Not only will our business help improve your employee work ethic, but it also helps with bringing in your customers as well! Clients look for cleanliness, cleanliness is at the top rated element among the following temperature, music and what special events your company holds! How clean a store’s environment is, it is said to sell more than 60% of products that it did in the last 30 days. 94% of people decide what type of business in the future they will give a business if they encounter dirty restrooms! Let us come clean your restrooms for you!

Keep in mind that your clients and customers don’t want to be in a dirty or not as clean as it could be environment! Also keep in mind that your employees do not want to always have to clean the restroom! If they are busy cleaning your business’s toilet then they are not making you money! Let us not only save you money but get you back to making as much money as your business is possible!

Reach out to us today at 231-486-6362 to get started getting your office cleaned and tip top shape or head over to our website to check out other services that we have to offer. While there feel free to check out our reviews and real what real customers are saying about our cleaning service!

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Let Jenny Clean be your Office Cleaning Traverse City service! Jenny has been serving Northern Michigan since 2013. Through quality commercial and residential cleaning. We are so passionate about keeping your home or work place clean and healthy. Our desire is to serve the community through all types of excellent cleaning services! Yeah we have just what you need and when it comes to getting your workplace and top tip clean shape. Another cool thing about getting clean. We do offer your first service at just one dollar.

Not only are we the best Office Cleaning Traverse City has to offer but we also love to give back! Are teams hard work to be able to become one of the top rated cleaning companies, and that has allowed us to get back to the community in so many different ways. One of those ways has been being able to donate cleanings to community members in need, partner with local organizations to help them with cleaning, and also donate to the charities and organizations that support women and children. Every time one of her team members goes out to clean a home or office. We are able to donate one dollar to a local charity that they love! Each quarter we allow our team members to pick which charity we want to support. That way we were able to reach as many women and children as possible!

As a matter fact we are one of the only Office Cleaning Traverse City services that is able to give back in many ways! Out founders Jenny and Dennis originally started as a home cleaning service but have been able to grow their company now up 15-20 people on they crew and are able to now be open and cleaning 7 days a week, serving 80+ locations and only want to continue to grow!!

Let us get you started today so you can not only have a clean workplace but also be able to support a local business that not only gives you a clean and healthy working environment that will make for happier employees, but be able to support a business that gives back so much to the community!

Get a hold of us today at 231-486-6362 or head on over to our website at! You’ll be able to see even more about the services that we offer and also feel free to check out the reviews we have gotten from actual clients in the community that have been satisfied with our services that we have done for them to do!