Keep your home and office healthy with Jenny Clean. We are offering diligent home and Office Cleaning Traverse City. You can receive your first 4 hours of cleaning with us for just $1 when you sign up for a recurring clean! We will be able to show you our worth and what we can offer you on a regular basis. After receiving a clean with us you will feel relieved and rejuvenated knowing your home is clean and healthy. You will feel as if you have had the weight lifted off your shoulders. Our goal is to give you the home cleaning you deserve so you can save time and do other things that you are wanting to do but you haven’t had the time for because cleaning your home is another full-time job.

Jenny Clean is offering you your commercial Office Cleaning Traverse City, residential cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Offering you the best and most efficient cleaning crew to get your home or office healthy and clean. We are here to help you with all of the detailed and deep cleanings that you are wanting and needing to make your life easier. We definitely make your life easier with the amount of detail we put into our cleaning. We clean for you so you can save time and money. You can go back to enjoying the free time that you want to spend with your family or even start a business! That’s how much time we can save you, you can create and help your future for the better.

We are here to give our customers the quality home and Office Cleaning Traverse City that they deserve. We are the highest rated and most reviewed cleaning company. We are passionate about keeping your space clean and healthy. We are striving to give you the best cleaning. we are a very responsive team and we always do a good job when cleaning your home and your office that amazing rates. We are reliable and punctual for all your cleaning needs.

We understand more than anyone that after a long Say, you do not want to clean your house after a long day of working, running errands, Ringling kids and pets to school appointments and before you have to do during that day. we are able to take on all your cleaning so you have more time to get other stuff done. you don’t have to worry about cleaning your house you will be able to have more time to take the kids on the trip, and date nights, take on a new hobby, and get extra work in to start a new business. whatever it is for you will be able to make it easier so you don’t have to come home and worry about cleaning your house.

To get your cleaning scheduled today, please call us today to speak with one of our friendly staff members at 231-486-6362. To claim your four-hour cleaning today for just $1 visit our website today at

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With our team, you will be happy with the home and Office Cleaning Traverse City has to offer you at Jenny Clean we make sure you are getting a healthy clean. As part of our residential cleaning service, we will do an initial deep cleaning. this will include your entryway, bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen, living room, and bedrooms, you can even add on a refrigerator clean. we also offer extra things to clean as you specify the things that you want on extra. we will hide everything from top to bottom to make sure that everything is just free and spot-free in every room.

With our ongoing cleaning, you will be receiving a clean from top to bottom to make sure that everything is spotless and healthy. In your entryway, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and living room. If you do not permit us to walk into a room or clean a room we will respect that. after we have cleaned all of your rooms that have been permitted we will go over all of our work with the checklist and make sure that there isn’t anything that we have missed. and we’ll be able to touch up on all the areas that are needing it. once we have finished the cleaning we’ll do a walk-through and assign the checklist and bring it back to the office to make sure that you are getting the best out of your cleaning. If you are wanting your Office Cleaning Traverse City Jenny Clean is the company for you.

We are offering you the cleaning that you need to keep your home and Office Cleaning Traverse City healthy. We are here to make sure that your family and employees stay healthy in Environment that helps them stay healthy. We have all experience that is necessary to help your staff stay healthy and clean. we understand that employees get sick and when employees get sick and miss work it is costing your company money. we will be able to help you minimize the sick employees that will be calling out due to unhealthy environments.

We are the company that makes sure that your environment is clean and healthy and making sure that we reduce the probability of catching the common cold influenza by 80%. We will be able to reduce viruses with contaminated surfaces by 62% and we can reduce the number of absent employees by 46%. a clean and healthy environment will be able to keep you in business and make you money. And your customers prefer cleanliness over everything. cleanliness is on the top of the list of lighting, temperature, quietness/music, especially events. with a environment that is clean and Appealing 60% of customers would rather buy more from that store. 90% of people will avoid a business if they encounter dirty restrooms. we are Jenny clean who will be able to help you keep your restrooms and your establishment clean. your employees don’t want to clean your toilet and we will be able to take on the cleaning while your employees are helping you make the money.