I looking for somebody to help you clean your home or office today? does it sound even better if your first 4 hours of cleaning was just $1! yes just $1 for the first 4 hours of cleaning. we have really good professional cleaners here at Office Cleaning Traverse City. so look no further for your help cleaning today, we’ve got everything that you need.

We offer commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, and Carpet Cleaning. Office Cleaning Traverse City Planes with core values. Our sanitary technicians make sure that they clean with integrity every time, we take pride in the work that we do. We like to make sure to use non harsh cleaners for our main cleaners we use Envirox, H2Orange. our products are good at breaking down dirt and killing bacteria and viruses off of your home or office surfaces.

You might be wondering what our core values are here at Office Cleaning Traverse City. simply our core values are C. L. E. A. N. C Is we clean with integrity, L is let’s make money for both our team and our clients to succeed financially, E is everyone has fun because our work environment is positive and supportive, A is attitude and dedication we are dedicated to maintaining a positive attitude, and N is no excuses our team will always take responsibility. Jenny clean has been founded around 2013 and has been serving clients since providing quality residential and commercial cleaning services at a fair price.

We are passionate about making your home or office a clean healthy space here at Office Cleaning Traverse City we strive to provide excellent cleaning services to our clients. we strive to continue to serve our community with our Exquisite cleaning services. Some of the businesses that we work with are businesses like Financial services, real estate and title, insurance, medical, Manufacturing, engineering, front of house restaurant, trade services, Supply and showroom, government, and so many more. why hire commercial cleaner? as a business your employers probably don’t want to clean the toilets and cleaning can sometimes take away from their other job duties so why not hire somebody else whose job is to clean. That’s when we come in. we can handle all of that for you, tackle all the cleaning and get you good cleaning quality. No more germs around the office and no more having to worry about the hassle.

Office Cleaning Traverse CityHas been proudly been serving our clients since 2013. you can check out our policies are commercial terms and conditions and our residential terms and conditions on our website. we have also included our Clients reviews and customer testimonies so go ahead and check that out cuz we are proud to share how much they appreciate us. our website covers exactly what entails in our residential cleaning packages you can check it out on a residential page and then you can check out our commercial page as well. our website is https://jennyclean.com/ or call at 231-486-6362 to find out more information.

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Your home is our home here at Office Cleaning Traverse City will make sure to clean it as if we clean our own. we know that you want your family to be healthy and live in a clean environment so we take pride and being able to provide our clients a clean home to live in. we’re passionate about being great at the services that we are providing and give our customers to satisfaction of having excellent care of cleaning in their home. having somebody else in your home to clean and you’re worried? not to worry we are insured and all of our employees are thoroughly background checked so you don’t have to worry about the people that we are sending to go clean your home. we make sure that you are safe and that you were getting excellent Quality Care with our services. we know that life can be full of play after play and event after event and cleaning gets put behind on the back burner for a while in our own homes, so let our workers do the cleaning for you. by having somebody come and clean your home you can not only feel refreshed once all is done, but use the time that somebody else is taking care of the workload for you to go do things that you want to do or you need to do. let us take the weight off of your shoulders. we understand how much cleaning can get behind and how hard it can be to catch back up, don’t let this burden you and let us do the job.

What exactly does our residential cleaning service provide? Office Cleaning Traverse City provide an initial deep clean for a residential cleaning services. this includes cleaning the entryway, the kitchen, the bathrooms, the living rooms, the laundry room, bedrooms if you want them to be cleaned, and if you have any special requests such as refrigerator add-on we provide that as well. once we’re done cleaning we do a once-over and go over everything and make sure that nothing’s been missed and that everything has been cleaned so you our sure to get the full quality care that you need. we have an entire checklist that we go through and we make sure to check everything off of the list to make sure that all of the stuff has been cleaned and that nothing has been left behind. our Jenny clean also has a OnePlus commitment we look for one more extra thing to clean and then we make sure to specify what that one extra thing was. we go above and beyond for our clients to make sure that they are getting excellent cleaning services. we take pride in our cleaning and make sure that we do an excellent job before we go home.

We really take pride in the work that we do and Office Cleaning Traverse City loves to provide satisfactory sanitary services for our clients. we work hard at what we do and strive to create healthy and clean homes and offices.

We have an excellent team of individuals who carry out our tasks effectively and efficiently. we are detail oriented and give our clients top tier cleaning services here at the Office Cleaning Traverse City. client satisfaction is very important to us and we make sure to give our clients an excellent cleaning service.

schedule now for your $1 first time for our cleaning service here with Office Cleaning Traverse City you can check on our website https://jennyclean.com/ or call at 231-486-6362 to schedule now.