If you’re looking for the best office cleaning Traverse City, check out JennyClean; one of Michigan’s best cleaning crews is ready to help!
We all know the dread of walking into the office at 6 AM to realize that it is a complete disaster. Not only does the office get unorganized easily, but over time dust and germs pileup which makes for a negative atmosphere to work in. Many people are simply too busy and do not have the time for a consistent cleaning schedule for the office. It is so important to have a regular cleaning schedule not only for the benefit of the worker but because a dirty office is a turnoff to many clients.

JennyClean is an office cleaning Traverse City company based in Michigan. They also clean residential homes, and do a great job at that as well! This cleaning company has five core values: 1) clean with integrity, 2) let’s make money, 3) everyone has fun, 4) attitude and dedication, 5) no excuses. The employees at JennyClean clean with integrity and honesty, the company provides financial help, the work environment is fine, and the team is dedicated to having a positive atmosphere. Most importantly, JennyClean gives NO excuses and will take responsibility for their team, clients, and workload.

JennyClean, Office Cleaning Traverse City, has one important goal: to get your office as clean as possible to not only prevent future illness but to make you feel better overall. Another benefit of getting JennyClean to clean your commercial location is that clients will feel better walking in to a clean, sparkling office. According to JennyClean.com, sick employees can cost businesses up to 200 billion per year. These absences will eventually lead to over 50% decrease in productivity and almost a 40% drop in sales. That is one of many reasons why it is so important to have a regular cleaning schedule in the office

You may be wondering by now, “why should I choose JennyClean?”. First off, Jenny clean has a one-plus commitment which means if you would like for them to clean anything extra, they will add it to their list, just for your benefit. Secondly, the JennyCleans crew is able to handle multiple jobs throughout the week due to being fully staffed. Third of all, the crew gets on-the-job training that includes interactive videos to ensure consistency every time. Great news! Currently, JennyClean is running a promotion where you can get your first 4-hour clean for just one dollar when signing up for a monthly membership. This deal is fantastic! What makes this promotion even better is the fact that JennyClean donates the dollar to a local charity that helps women and children.

Visit JennyClean.com or call us at 231 – 486 – 6362 to sign up for your first one dollar cleaning job! After signing up for a membership, your first cleaning will be a dollar and then it will charge you the first of every month. Prices are located on JennyClean.com. Lets get to cleanin’!

Office Cleaning Traverse City

Most people have a regular cleaning schedule for their residential home, but what about the office? Offices are used for working during the day and are usually left for the next day, the day after, and so on. Offices are usually left unclean which means dust and germs build up over time. The employee does not notice how dirty the office really is until their clients point it out. Not only that, but an unclean office means you are at risk of getting sick and missing work. If you are considering office cleaning Traverse City, look into hiring JennyClean, one of the best and most hard-working cleaning companies in Michigan.

JennyClean, office cleaning Traverse City, has been around since 2013 and specializes in commercial and residential cleaning throughout the Michigan area. Their passion is your desire: to have the cleanest home! JennyClean has been in business for almost 10 years and has worked with a variety of businesses such as financial services, insurance, medical, including so many more. Located on their website, there are hundreds of reviews from people just like you who have had an amazing experience with JennyClean.

JennyClean is the best in Office Cleaning Traverse City due to been able to take on multiple jobs throughout the week because of their large staff. This company has a 1+ commitment which means that if you have anything extra that you would like clean, they will happily do it for you! What is most fascinating about JennyClean: the company curates a cleaning list specifically for you. After finishing the cleaning list, the team double-checks to make sure that everything is up to standard. According to JennyClean.com, on average employees take over seven sick days per year; this amounts to a whopping 200 billion every year that costs businesses. These unplanned absences could lead to over 50% decrease in productivity and a 40% decrease in sales.

What makes JennyClean stand out from other companies is the fact that each employee is able to do on-the-job training to ensure consistency from a day-to-day basis. JennyClean has high standards for their employees and practices the core values of the company each day. These core values involve doing their very best with integrity and honesty, taking responsibility, and creating a positive and supportive environment. JennyClean is cleaner than most companies in the Michigan area because they use non-harsh cleaners such as in envirox which is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide in citrus oil. The specific cleaner is organic and breaks away dirt better than your normal cleaning supplies. Jenny clean uses this to have an 80% reduction probability of catching the cold and flu.

I know that office is looking dirty – do yourself a favor and visit JennyClean.com to schedule your first four-hour cleaning for just one dollar when you sign up for a recurring membership. The membership pricing is located on the website and it will be taken out on the first of every month. You can also call us at 231-486-6362, we are open anytime. After scheduling, that dollar you just spent is sent in to a local charity that helps women and children.