Home Cleaning Traverse City is just what you need for a clean and happy home! A clean home is highly essential for mental and physical health; it is also beneficial for your environment to come home to a clean home. This means you will be less stressed, more at ease, and even happier to be in your home. Jenny Clean is just what you need! After twenty years in business, the impact our team has made is incredible and our main priority is giving our clients a clean home that looks like they just bought it!

If you are in the Michigan area and are in need of a home or office clean, Jenny Clean is the way to go! With credibility from tons of professionals and years of experience, our team has the capability of making your home look amazing and as if you just bought it. After months of training our team, we have the necessary supplies to give you a clean office or home! We love to do residential and commercial cleaning! Home Cleaning Traverse City will not disappoint if you sign up. The best part is, we will do your first cleaning for just a dollar! How crazy! We want you to experience a real clean by the jenny clean team so we can continue to help you out with things that sometimes you may not have time for.

You may wonder, why should you choose to get set up with Jenny Clean? We are always on time and maintain a perfectly curated schedule that allows us to get finished early or on time. We always charge the same amount every month so you will never have to change your budget. Home Cleaning Traverse City Is always happy to offer payment plans as well if financials get in the way. Having a clean home and happy clients is our core focus and we will continue to do that for years upon years. All the payments come through on the 1st of every month, just like most bills, and that is very helpful for our clients as well. We will never charge you extra and the price stays the same every month.

At Jenny Clean, we have a company of about 15-20 professional cleaners, have grown to more than eighty locations, and are working 7 days a week! Our clients are so important to us and we will work our hardest to give them a clean home they deserve! We have worked with many professionals that have built up our company/ as the highest reviewed! Some of these companies include Financial Services, Real Estate and Title, Insurance, medical and a ton more! Get your residential or commercial space cleaned with our amazing professionals and you will never go back to cleaning or to your old cleaners.

Hey, we would love for you to sign up with Jenny Clean and get the clean of your dreams! It is super easy to start! First you need to visit https://jennyclean.com/ and read our history and sign up for your first dollar cleaning! Fill in some information about yourself and house/office and we will get back to you within a 24 hour time frame. You can also give us a shout at 231-486-6362 and we will be happy to assist you!

Home Cleaning Traverse City | A Clean Home is a Happy Home

Home Cleaning Traverse City is here if you are ready for them! If you are currently located in the Michigan area, we have got some great news for you! One of the top cleaning companies, Jenny Clean, is ready to add to their list of hundreds of clients. A good clean is needed if you are a mom who is super busy or a person with a busy schedule, getting a professional team to clean your home would be a great decision! Read on to find why Jenny Clean is the right fit for you and you will be shocked by the results.

Jenny Clean started around 2003 and was founded by Jenny and Denny Fellows. After all these years, Jenny Clean has amassed hundreds of clients due to our hard work and dedication. Our professional cleaning team can tackle any cleaning problem you may have! Our team works on residential and commercial spaces and can even do fantastic carpet cleaning. You can get set up today with Home Cleaning Traverse City and get your first cleaning for just a dollar! That dollar is actually donated to a charity nearby that helps women and children with food, education, and medical care!

You may be questioning if getting a professional cleaner is a good idea and I am here to tell you why. If you are interested in commercial cleaning, Cleanliness is ranked as one of the most important factors in an office setting; this is among lighting, sound, and even temperature. It is so important for your office to be clean for clients because it shows a great first impression for potential clients. If you are looking to get residential services, having a clean home is extremely beneficial for mental health. You will also be proud to show off a clean home to guests arriving. They will be so impressed! Get signed up today with Home Cleaning Traverse City and get yourself a fantastic clean home for just a dollar!

We have an easy process for those of you that get signed up for monthly home deep cleans! First off, payment comes out on the first of every month, just like your regular bills, so you will not have to keep track of it at all. We can even put a credit card on file for you so that you do not have to worry about that either. We use an EZ Pay system that allows us to have a smoother process for when you are paying for services. If you are worried about financials, we are happy to offer payment plans to be of more assistance to you! We have a great team of cleaning professionals who are attentive, efficient, detail oriented, and have the skills necessary for any common issues regarding the cleaning of your home.

It is finally time to get set up for an appointment with the best in Michigan! Jenny Clean will do better than the rest and you will not regret it. Visit https://jennyclean.com/ and learn more about how successful we have been with clients and you can also sign up for your first dollar cleaning! Feel free to call us at 231-486-6362 for any additional information and we will be more than willing to help you out!