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Home Cleaning Traverse City | Helping Your Family Stay Healthy

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For Instance, using our Home Cleaning Traverse City products with JennyClean ensures that you are going to be having your environment cleaned with Envirox and H2Orange. We would like to tell you more about how we utilize the power of hydrogen peroxide to give you a sanitary clean that will be beneficial to those who are involved in your environment. We use citrus oil that is going to help break away stuck on dirt that you may have and we would like to tell you how we are going to go above and beyond and kill off bacteria.

viruses around your environment are not going to be a thing anymore whenever you know about our Home Cleaning Traverse City services and the Company of JennyClean. We are happy to say that you no longer have to have your employees leave your office and cause productivity to go down. You also do not have to worry about getting sick in the home that you have whenever you use our services as we will be able to give you the best process possible. If you are ready to have this type of experience, then reach out to us today.

The professionals and processes of JennyClean are going to be backed by statistics in comparison to other companies that you can do this with. we are going to make sure that you can find this information available on our website so you will be able to corroborate the promise that we make. If you are worried about sick employees that are costing your business money, then you should be. It is known that each employee takes about 7.76 days per year and that is going to cost an estimated $225.8 billion per year.

we know that you would like to miss out on that, so give us a call today at the number 231-486-6362. we can answer any questions that you have about JennyClean or this industry in general. if you would like to check out the statistics that we mentioned earlier, then head on over to our website at www.jennyclean.com we know that you are going to appreciate the data we have as well as how we can reduce the probability of someone catching a cold at your office by 80%. this is not something you makeup, we have guarantees that it’s going to support this.