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There’s so much other things to do than sit at home and clean all day especially on your day off, so our professionals here at Jenny clean offer excellent Home Cleaning Traverse City. A professionals here at Jenna Queen want to help our customers be able to cut back on the hassle of having to clean their own homes and let us serve you we take pride in being able to help our clients maintain clean living spaces. we are very detail oriented and do an excellent job at providing top quality service to our customers. we understand the unfamiliarity some may feel having a total stranger inside of their house cleaning, but we reassure our clients that all of our technicians are thoroughly background checked and insured so that our customers can know that they are safe and we take the liability for you. so no more worrying about the house let us do it for you.

If your first time customer your first 4 hours of cleaning services are only $1. the rest of the services for Home Cleaning Traverse City our offered weekly and bi-weekly to help keep your home healthy and clean. our team is well-trained and we have a system that is proven to work and make sure that you get great quality from our services.

you can check out our website and look at ourResidential terms and conditions so that you are aware of what terms and conditions there are for our services. we want to make sure that our customers get satisfactory from our Home Cleaning Traverse City. you can get a quote now at our website at or call at 231-486-6362.

Home Cleaning Traverse City| Services

Exactly what kind of services are included with Home Cleaning Traverse City? we give an initial deep clean. we ensure to dust, spot clean any windows for smudges or prints. we spot check doors for any dirt or smudges and we wipe the handles and Light switches. we wipe down all baseboards and vacuum including rugs. if you have hardwood floors we mop them and then we stayed the entire area making sure that we straighten up any shoes or coats that need to be hung up on any hooks or anything.

We make sure to provide satisfactory services to our clients who receive Home Cleaning Traverse City. What will clean the kitchen we make sure to dust everything, wash the front of the cabinets, wipe the counters and the backsplash. we whip out the exterior of all appliances we clean out the Keurig or coffee pot. we make sure to scrub and rinse out your sink and we polish stainless steel. we wipe down baseboards, empty trash, spot clean any windows and doors, wipe down all the handles and light switches. we make sure to vacuum any rugs and make sure to pick up any rugs to vacuum underneath. we mop the floor and then we stage the kitchen so it looks nice. we can also do refrigerator add-ons this is only if it is specially requested.

All of our professionals take pride in their cleaning services they provide for Home Cleaning Traverse City, and we thoroughly go over everything that we clean. We make sure to clean the bathrooms including dusting, washing, wiping, cleaning out the shower, sink, and tub. We make sure to wipe down the mirrors, clean the toilet, spot check the door for smudges or dirt. we wipe down all handles and light switches and we wipe down the baseboards as well. we empty the trash. mop and Stage the area in the bathroom as well. for the living room we make sure to dust everything. we vacuumed under the couch cushions and wipe down the baseboards.

When cleaning your clients home we make sure to clean it as if it was our own and we take pride in the cleaning that we do. Our Home Cleaning Traverse City Provides our clients with top tier quality service. we include cleaning the laundry room. and the laundry room we dust, spot check doors, wipe down handle some light switches, wipe down the baseboard. According to the floor type we either vacuum or mop. Our professionals only to the bedrooms if we are permitted to do so. if we are permitted to do the bedrooms then we Make sure to dust, window spot check, we wipe the baseboards. we spot check fixtures, we spot check the door, we wipe down handles and light switches. we make sure to make the beds, and fold any throw blankets. we throw any Trash and vacuum or mop according to the floor type and then we stage the area in the bedroom as well so it looks nice and tidy.

our professionals do a once over and we always look for a Jenny clean one plus commitment which is one more extra thing to clean before we go. we provide our clients excellent Home Cleaning Traverse City. schedule now on our website and get a hold of a professional today at or call at 231-486-6362.