There are many reasons you may want to call a cleaning service such as Find the Best Home Cleaning Traverse City. We would like to give you the top 10 reasons that you should call us! First would be how amazing our employees are. Our employees are one-of-a-kind that are rooted in the core values of integrity kindness and optimism. Second, would be that our employees are never going to steal anything from your home or business. Thirdly, our employees are all tested through an intense interview process that test their hands-on and mental skills before they are on the job in your home or business.

The fourth reason to choose Find the Best Home Cleaning Traverse City is how we only charge one dollar for your first service! We also donate that first dollar to a local women and children’s charity in your community. We care so much about the communities of America, and love to support anything like that. Another reason to choose our cleaning company, would be the fifth reason of how affordable our prices are. We always make sure to quote you the most honest price that will help your business flourish and not let us take advantage of you in any way. Many companies will see how much money they can squeeze out of a single patron, that is dishonest and that is not in our core values.

At Find the Best Home Cleaning Traverse City one of the reasons you should choose us is our sixth reason and that is our diverse amount of cleaning options. We have many different cleaning options that are all up for grabs and if anything is not listed on our website you can put in a request that we may be able to accommodate. We do residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, and floors but that is not all we are limited to. We have done many other types of cleaning services and we would love to hear what you would like cleaned.

The seventh reason to choose our cleaning company would be the innovation we are bringing to the cleaning market! We are a new type of cleaning business that specialize in only in hiring employees with integrity and managers that truly care about your well-being in your dreams as the homeowner or business owner. The eighth reason to choose our company is we only use natural chemicals to clean your home! We would never use harsh chemicals such as bleach. We use hydrogen peroxide and citrus oils.

Reason nine to choose us is because we are a locally owned business that supports the community and surrounding areas. We are not a large corporation that focuses on how much they can take into their business from the community. We are focused on how much we can take in and give back to the community. The final reason, reason 10, is how are employees will act inside of your home. We will never come in there and wake your children, we will never come in their and bother you while in a meeting. We are quick to finish the job and we will not interfere with any of your personal endeavors for any questions call 231-486-6362 reach out to us on our website

Find the Best Home Cleaning Traverse City

If you have a hard time deciding what cleaning company to use Find the Best Home Cleaning Traverse City should be the option for you. It is one of the best option options and should not require much thought to decide if we are the right option for you compared to our competitors. Our business is a no-brainer choice with how we treat our customers and their belongings. We will always treat your belongings as if they were our own and we will never go behind your back and touch anything that was not on the quote. We value your privacy and our cleaning company and know that some people do not want areas of their home infringed upon.

If you are one of those people Find the Best Home Cleaning Traverse City is the perfect option for you . We have many other appeasing qualities that should be taken into consideration if you are wanting to find the best cleaner for you. Our cleaning company will always come in dressed professionally and on time! We will never be not show up. Our company always wants the best for its employees and we know that each and every one of our customers has their own individual needs and life . That is why we are flexible and will bend to your schedule, so that you can continue pursuing your dreams while not having to worry about a dirty home.

Find the Best Home Cleaning Traverse City is a breeding ground for employees full of integrity and kindness! We ensure that all of our employees are up to date with our core values with integrity being at the top. So many businesses are not honest and will try to take as much money from you as possible. Our business is very concerned with being honest and only charging you for what we do. We will not stay at the job site just testing like we’ve been there longer. We will only be there for as long as needed get the job done fast and precise.

If you are worried about our company using unhealthy chemicals , don’t fret! We know how important your family is to you and we would never use bleach or other harsh chemicals. This is one of the things that makes our company a no-brainer for most people . We will only use natural chemicals a few of them being hydrogen peroxide and citrus oils . These chemicals are safe for pets and children to be around in low doses . If you don’t approve of any of our chemicals just let us know and are managers will be able to discuss it with you and work around it .

The customer is our highest priority at we will always system to any of your requests and if you have any concerns after you have put in quote give us a call at 231-486-6362 . We are staffed during weekdays Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. If you need to reach us during our nonbusiness hours you can always leave us a message on our website and we will get back to you soon we are back in service.