We are here to make your home and office experience better with every clean. With JennyClean we are dedicated to keeping our community clean and healthy. Find the best home cleaning Traverse City that cares about your health and keeps you in business. On average employees take 7.76 days per year, having sick employees and your establishment can cost businesses around $225.8 billion each year. unplanned absences can lead to decreases in productivity and a drop in sales. We are here to keep your establishment clean and healthy. we are able to reduce the probability of catching the common cold and influenza by 80%. with all of the surfaces contaminated with viruses will be able to reduce that by 62% and a reduction in absences by 46%. You’ll be making a good choice to choose a company that cares about your health and keeps you in business. we will help you and your employees stay healthy with our services.

We understand that employees appreciate a clean work environment, but so do your customers. Customers prefer cleanliness over lighting, temperature, quietness/music, and special events. Having a clean environment for your customers to able to enjoy buying more with a clean environment that they are purchasing it from. if there is a dirty restroom or a dirty establishment 94% of people would avoid that business. Find the best home cleaning Traverse City that can help your business stay clean and productive with JennyClean.

JennyClean is a company that is focused and determined to give the best cleaning. You can get your first clean for just $1. We are here to make sure you are getting a clean that you will love. We care for our clients. By getting your first clean for just $1 you will be able to see our value as a cleaning company. We offer free quotes for your home and business. Find the best home cleaning Traverse City that pays attention to detail and makes sure you are staying healthy and clean, here with us at JennyClean.

We offer commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, and carpet cleaning. every time you come out to clean your home or office we will be donating $1 to a local charity that is dedicated to helping women and children in our community. Your dollar will be going to thrive Medical Clinic which exists to provide women and men facing unplanned pregnancies with solutions, practical resources, and McCarran support that they all need to be able to make it through. Thrive Medical Clinic is a nonprofit Professional Medical clinic. and your dollar will be going to a good cause. they will be able to help provide parents with caregivers and with all the emotional support that they’ll need.

To receive your initial cleaning, let us get you a quote and get you on the schedule today by speaking to one of our friendly staff members by calling us at 231-486-6362. For more information about our giving back to our Charities, you can visit us at our website https://jennyclean.com/ to find out more information.

Find the best home cleaning Traverse City | Keeping You In A Good Mindset

We are a cleaning company for your home or office offering a healthy and clean environment for you and your family. we are the highest-rated cleaning service. you’ll be able to see the quality of our work by trying us out for $1. you can schedule your free healthy and clean consultation and one of our professionals will be able to get you on the schedule as soon as possible. To Find the best home cleaning Traverse City with a dedicated team, just got easier. JennyClean is here to make sure you stay clean and healthy. Having a dirty home makes you tired and unmotivated. We can change that way of thinking by offering you our services. We can schedule you for weekly or bi-weekly cleans. Keeping you in a good mindset to stay productive.

Having a clean home will be able to help you stay productive on things that you wish you had time for when you were busy cleaning your home. we are here to make sure that you get the pristine clean that you are all needing. with a pristine clean will be able to keep you healthy with our disinfectants. Wiping everything from top to bottom we dust everything and wipe down everything knowing that you will be happy with the results.

We have a team that will be able to come into your health and swiftly clean your home and we have a checklist that will follow Find the best home cleaning Traverse City makes sure that we don’t miss anything. After you’re cleaning is done before our team leaves your house make sure that you have received everything correctly by going through the list and checking off everything to make sure everything is done. this gives us an opportunity to go back into your house after I clean to make sure that nothing has been missed.

With our wonderful cleaning service and top-notch communication, you will be getting the clean that you have always been wanting. you’ll be able to come home from a long day and I have to worry about cleaning your home. you’ll have time to unwind and take care of the kids walk the dog and do whatever else you need to do that you never had time for before. Find the best home cleaning Traverse City that will take the stress off your shoulders. With our cleaning services, you will be saving more time than ever before. We are proud and ready to serve you!

For a pristinely clean and to get your free quilt today, one of our friendliest staff members will be able to answer all of your questions and concerns you have about your commercial or residential clean you could contact us through our phone number by calling us that 231-486-6362.To view our video testimonials of our clients and reviews so you can take their word for it and not just ours about our wonderful Services, visit us at our website https://jennyclean.com/.