We have a team of cleaning professionals who clean with Integrity every time. Widow of integrity and honesty and having respect for your privacy and your belongings. and let’s get to the money article to provide the ability for our team and our clients to succeed financially. keeping your offices clean will reduce the number of employees that will call out sick. when I’m playing called I’ll take it is proven to reduce your sales and the money you’ll be making. Find the best home cleaning Traverse City That is here with the best attitude and dedication to help you accomplish a clean and healthy home for you.

We are the cleaning team that is trying to keep our work environment positive, supportive, and drama-free. At JennyClean we all want to have fun with you and enjoy what we’re doing while we’re doing it. We have the best attitude and dedication to find the best home cleaning Traverse City with the best employees here in your city. There are no excuses, we work with integrity and we are taking responsibility for our team, our work, and our clients.

Whether you are needing residential cleaning, janitorial cleaning, or vacation rental cleaning you can find the best home cleaning Traverse City with the most wonderful sought-after cleaning company in your area. You’ll be making the best choice of choosing us to be your cleaning company if you were looking for more time on your hands. whether you have a difficult time cleaning or you don’t have time to clean and get other things done in your life we are your relief. we are here to make sure that you are healthy and clean. we love what we do and we do it with passion making sure that everything is pristine down to every last detail.

Our clients do need to keep in mind when receiving cleaning services that we can only get something clean to an extent depending on the situation of the area. there are policies and regulations that we have on our website that you’ll be able to go over. we love being the top-rated house cleaning service. we are experienced and we have proven systems that will be able to give our clients the best cleaning. Sometimes it feels like keeping your house clean can be a full-time job itself. but we are here to keep your home clean so you can enjoy that special time with your family, or do more work for your future. Whatever it may be you will be stress-free.

Schedule your free quote today by calling one of our friendly professionals who are ready to service you by calling us at 231-486-6362. Wondering more about the services we provide? Please feel free to visit our website for more in-depth descriptions of your home or office cleaning by visiting us at https://jennyclean.com/ stay healthy!

Find the best home cleaning Traverse City | Relax We’ll Take Care Of It

One of the best things about receiving professional home or office cleaning is you get to relax. Find the best home cleaning Traverse City, we are open Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:30 pm. We have a responsive team and we always pay attention to detail. we are here to deliver you the best clean that you will ever receive. we are quick to respond and we have a flexible schedule so we’ll be able to work with your busy schedule as well. we help your home stay happy and healthy. you’ll be able to relax so I will take care of it.

Through hard work, our team has become the top-rated cleaning company where you can find the best home cleaning Traverse City. We have grown so much that we have been able to give back to our communities in three different ways. we donate cleaning to the community to members in need, We partner with local organizations to help them with cleaning and staying healthy. and we donate to local charities and organizations that help support women and children. We decided that we wanted a company to help women and children in our local area. so every time one of our team members goes out to clean a home or office we donate $1 to the local charity supporting women and children.

We are here to keep our communities safe and healthy. we provide simple but quality residential and commercial cleaning services at a fair price through hard work, diligence, and dedication. Find the best home cleaning Traverse City company that has a reason. Our reason is to make a difference and give back to our community back with the blessings we receive. We are excited and always ready to get to work for our clients. Going over our checklist to make sure that nothing is missed and touched up in areas that we may need as we are cleaning your house allows us to deliver you with the best clean.

For your residential cleaning service, we do an initial deep clean first as we will clean the entryway from everything top to bottom including spot cleaning the windows, checking the doors for smudges, wide handles and light switches, white faith words, and vacuuming, mop if you have hard floors, and we can stage the area by putting away your shoes put up umbrella and holder, hang up coats on hook. we clean all the bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen, living room and bedrooms are permitted. your privacy is important to us and we will not answer a room unless you say that it’s okay that we do. we are here for you and we’re here to answer all of the questions and concerns that you might have about your cleaning services. you can also add refrigerator cleaning that you can request at the time of scheduling. and we have our Jenny clean one plus commitment where we can look for extra things to clean, or you can specify what extra things you want to be cleaned.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us during business hours, we have a responsive team that is here to go over all the questions and concerns you may have about your healthy clean today by calling or texting us at 231-486-6362 or you can fill out a form online at https://jennyclean.com/ and one of our team members will reach out to you.