Jenny Clean is the place to go for cleaning needs involving residential and commercial buildings and homes. Jenny clean has been voted the best office cleaning Traverse City. Everyone has busy lives whether you are working a full-time job or trying to manage a big family among all other life responsibilities that require attention. It is always hard to find a good time to get your house cleaned. Jenny clean is based in Traverse City and has been serving Northern Michigan area since 2013. You may be wondering, why should I choose Jenny to clean my house?

If you’re looking to get your office cleaned check out! Jenny Clean has a commitment and passion to clean. This is the best office cleaning Traverse City. The company uses non-harsh cleaners such as H20 orange – not only is this cleaner easy on all materials but it kills 99.9% of most viruses such as herpes, Flu, HIV-1, and many more. You may consider, why don’t I just buy this product and clean the house myself? Well, the product is very expensive and most people don’t have the proper experience to know how to clean correctly. Due to this, the home or office will not be cleaned properly and can result in future illness.

Jenny Clean has been serving the Michigan area for almost 10 years and has made an impact in the many homes and offices that they’ve cleaned. They work with a variety of businesses such as financial service, insurance, engineering, restaurants, governments, and many many more. Jenny Clean is the best office cleaning Traverse City. According to, most employees take about seven sick days days per year which costs businesses a whopping 220 million per year. Due to these unplanned absences, these businesses lead to over half the decrease in productivity and a major decrease in sales. Most customers prefer cleanliness and rank it as one of the most important elements as well as lighting, temperature, and special events. Another important thing to bring up is the fact that employees are there to make YOU money. Having the employees clean the office would mean less money and less productivity.

What makes Jenny Clean stand out from other cleaning companies Michigan? First off, the company conducts in-house training to ensure consistency every day with each and every employee. Jenny clean has been able to manage an entire group of employees that consistently go above and beyond; which means that this company can take multiple jobs throughout the week without the issue of rescheduling or canceling. They even take the time to create a tailored cleaning schedule to attend to your needs as best as they can. After visiting, you can sign up for a free consultation! After signing up for recurring membership, your first clean will be just a dollar and will last for hours.

Choosing the Jenny Clean company will be the best decision you will you will ever make!
The company makes sure to stay accountable when it comes to their core values. These core values include cleaning with integrity and honesty, providing a fun and positive environment, and keeping a high standard for all employees. Visit to sign up for a recurring membership and you will be able to get your first four-hour clean for just one dollar! We want you to be able to have the experience first so that we can show you how good we just are.Let us help get your business environment cleaner, healthier, and more positively impacted.

Best Office Cleaning Traverse City

Most work offices are simply for work . It gets so busy that there is never any time to clean and most offices don’t have their own cleaning crew. If you’re looking for the best office cleaning Traverse City , check out Jenny clean. This company specializes in cleaning commercial and residential buildings and even has their own carpet cleaning service! Jenny clean also donates to local charity that helps women and children in the community. Let me tell you why you should choose Jenny clean to clean your home or office!

The Best Office Cleaning Traverse City, Jenny Clean, is the way to go! Cleaning the house can be very expensive and time-consuming. Here at Jenny clean, we have the same goal as you: to get the cleanest environment every time. We understand how difficult it is to find time to clean the office and how that affects the employees and the clients. That is why we can do it for you which will result in you saving time and money. For your first cleaning, if you sign up for recurring membership, we offer a four-hour deal that will only cost you a dollar! We donate that dollar to local communities that assist women and children who are in need.

Why should I choose Jenny, the Best Office Cleaning Traverse City? There are many benefits from choosing Jenny clean to clean your home or office! Each employee gets trained and tested in-house to ensure that each employee are up to standards on a daily basis. At Jenny clean, we have a fully trained and ready-to-go staff that can handle multiple jobs throughout the week. This means that you will never have to reschedule or cancel on our end. What stands out at Jenny clean is the fact that we create a curated cleaning list to ensure that we are giving 110%. Our goal at Jenny clean is to get your home and office clean and healthy again!

If you are interested in a job at Jenny, we offer many benefits including but not limited to health, bonuses, commissions, and more! At Jenny Clean we create a positive and impactful environment that allows for major growth and improvement. We hold each of our employees to a high standard and we practice our core values every day. These values include dedication to development, maintaining an awesome attitude, and taking responsibility for each employer, employee, and clients. This company is constantly evolving throughout the business and the employees . They also are adamant for the continuance of a positive and supportive environment.

Since 2013, Jenny clean has impacted many lives by simply being the best at cleaning homes and offices. Clients are happier, healthier, and feel more at ease when walking into their home or office. Read more about Jenny clean on our website,! You will be able to find many user reviews on why we are the right choice! You can also call us at 231 – 486 – 6362 to set up a free consultation and help build a tailored cleaning checklist.