If you were looking for the best office cleaning Traverse City has to offer then why not hire the top rated maid services in Northern Michigan? Here at JennyClean we offer both residential and commercial cleaning services and no job is too big or too small for us. Our company started in 2013 and has only continued to grow. But with the current rate of 20 employees, the cleaning providers and administrative assistance, we are able To provide extremely satisfactory results in both our cleaning services as well as our day-to-day business interactions.

From the first initial clean we make this process as simple and efficient as possible by offering the Best Office Cleaning Traverse City. We are extremely confident in our services and that is why we offer your first initial cleaning for only $1. We also make this as convenient as possible so we offer a monthly base rate pay. We do this by taking your payment out on the first of the month rather than charging per clean. One reason we do this is to make it easier on you when you’re going over finances so that you have a better idea of our prices.

Since we offer the best office cleaning Traverse City has to offer and are the top rated maid service, we take pride in every single cleaning service that we provide. Our goal is to make it easier on you as a business owner or homeowner and take on the stress of keeping your area clean and disinfected. By offering our cleaning services we are helping your business tremendously by reducing the amount of sick days your employees use. We work with EPA approved cleaners and train our staff so that we are able to disinfect the super germy areas that often lead to numerous sick days among your employees. These Cleaners and Services are also beneficial in your home by reducing the amount of colds and flus within your family.

As a small business owner we take pride in each service that we produce and promise satisfactory results. We also strive to make this as convenient as possible and clean those hard to reach areas. Everyone knows that going home to a dirty house after a long day at work Is extremely stressful and irritating. I request her cleaning services. You are ensuring that your business and or home is always neat, tidy and germ-free!

For more information about our company or the services that we provide please request a website at www.jennyclean.com. On our website you will find multiple different pages On the services that we provide, client testimonials, a background of our company and much more. Feel free to give us a call at 231-486-6362 if you have any other questions or concerns or would like to get set up for your first initial claim for only $1. We look forward to helping reduce your stress by providing the best cleaning services!

Best Office Cleaning Traverse City | Amazing Residential Cleaning Services

If you live or work in northern Michigan and are looking for the best office cleaning Traverse City and surrounding areas then Jenny Clean is the place for you. Since 2013 we have provided extremely satisfactory cleaning results in both residential and Commercial areas. Our goal is to make it as convenient as possible for our customers and that is why we charge monthly rather than per cleaning. This is to ensure you are always aware of how much our services cost, when the subscription will be taken out of your account, and to provide a more consistent flow of services!

Our extremely prideful and experienced employees strive to make JennyCleans the Best Office Cleaning Traverse City. We work hard to provide amazing, consistent results for both your home and business. By hiring our Commercial Services you are reducing the amount of sick days among your employees. After hiring our services for your business you will see at least an 80% reduced probability of you and your employees catching the common cold or flu. This leads to an additional 46% reduction in absence among your employees. with more employees present every day, you are bettering your business and clientele satisfaction.

If you are looking to hire the best office cleaning Traverse City in Northern Michigan we are currently offering a discounted rate of $1 for your first initial clean! This initial deep clean covers almost every room in your home. From dusting blinds in the living room, wiping baseboards, vacuuming all carpet and rugs, cleaning every surface in the refrigerator, folding blankets and fluffing pillows, emptying trash and much more. After this initial deep clean we’re able to properly maintain the upkeep of your business or home either weekly or bi-weekly.

After every cleaning we go over all of our work and go over our checklist. We do this to ensure that nothing was missed and to touch up any areas that we may have overlooked or need a little bit more cleaning. After this initial clean we offer ongoing regular cleans that focus on all areas throughout your home. Before we start any service we communicate with every client what their expected results are, rooms they do not want clean, and any other requests they may have. Each one of our employees has extensive knowledge and training with the cleaning supplies that they use so that we can confidently clean any surface in your home!

If you would like more information on how to sign up for our cleaning services or how to schedule your initial clean for just one dollar, visit our website at www.jennyclean.com or give us a call at 231-486-6362. Our website provides a large amount of information about all the services that we provide as well as the list of everything we cover in our residential and Commercial cleaning packages. We also have information about our prices as well as clientele testimonials to provide more comfort when searching for a cleaning service! We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you or your business in any way we possibly can!