A clean home is one of the most important things in life. A clean home helps with a healthier mindset and a more organized life. Life can get so busy and it’s very easy to run behind and forget about important things such as a clean home. Most people have a goal of having a clean home but they simply do not have the time for a regular cleaning schedule. That is where Jenny clean can help out. Jenny clean is one of the Best Home Cleaning Traverse City in the Michigan area. Starting out in 2013, they’ve been able to help thousands of people to have a cleaner home and happier mindset.

Jenny clean has a 1+ cleaning commitment, which makes them the Best Home Cleaning Traverse City. This means that Jenny clean will clean anything extra that you would like. This commitment makes Jenny clean stand out due to the fact that other cleaning companies will do just the standard cleaning. Management will come out to your house and create an organized and focused cleaning list for your most important cleaning needs including the extra things that you don’t have time for. Management will take you to each room and address each need ranging from least important to most important. After the full four hour cleaning job is completed, the company will go through the entire house and double check that the job is done is possible.

The Best Home Cleaning Traverse City can be difficult to find. After researching many cleaning companies in the Michigan area, Jenny clean has the highest standards and the hardest workers. For clarity, the company has each employee go through specific on-the-job training to make sure that they know what is up to standard. This process takes weeks because Jenny clean wants all clients to be satisfied and had a continued happiness with the company. Jenny clean has core values that each employee as well as management goes with on a daily basis. Each core value represents the high standards that the company has and proves their credibility and being the best service throughout the Michigan area.

Each and every employee is held to the standards every single day throughout. At the end of the week, the employees are reviewed and if there is any improvement that can be made, it will be addressed in meeting. The employee it is expected to be on time and to hold accountability for any mistakes that are made. The standard is that the employee does the absolute best and double checks for accuracy. At Jenny clean we want to create a clean and healthy environment for our clients. It is so important you choose Jenny clean to be your housecleaner so that you can have a more organized life and you can come home to a clean house.

Visit Jennyclean.com and schedule your first free consultation so that we can get your house clean for just a dollar! You can also call us at 231-486-6362 to schedule. Let us help you be a happier and more improved version of yourself.

Best Home Cleaning Traverse City

The Best Home Cleaning Traverse City can be super difficult to find due to the overload of cleaning companies. It also takes time to research and find credible sources that allow you to find the best cleaning company in Michigan that will meet all of your needs. With the help of Jenny clean, we can address all of your cleaning needs and help you get back on a clear path! We are the best cleaning company in Traverse City because we want to make sure that you get the best service possible and that every cleaning session is up to your standards. It is very easy to sign up with Jenny clean and located on a website are testimonies from many clients who helped over the years.

Jenny clean is one of the best cleaning services that you could ever sign up for and the Best Home Cleaning Traverse City. The best part is, it is so easy to set up for! First you need to visit our website Jenny clean.com and read thousands of reviews from individuals just like you who have been very satisfied by our services. Secondly, sign up for a free consult to address every need of your home. For our consultations, a manager will go with you through out your house into every room and address every need that ranges from most important to least important. Each need will be met, as well as any other extra work that you may need done. After signing up and getting your free consult, you will get your free cleaning first just a dollar. This dollar is donated to children and women who are in need of important necessities such as shelter, food, or even just a friend.

Here at Jenny clean we have a vision for each and every home that we enter. Best Home Cleaning Traverse City and Jenny clean simply combine. We want to make sure that every job we do is as perfect as possible. Through our weeks of employee training, we make sure that each employee understands the correct way to clean and how to accurately do it. We also teach each employee to hold themselves and each other accountable for not only the job but each client. Each employee is held to a high standard and we have high expectations for them at each job.

A line that has been said for many years… “A clean home is a happy home”. Not only can Jenny clean benefit you by creating a clean environment but we will save you money and time. After your first cleaning is completed, we will double check to ensure that you are perfectly happy with the job. We also make sure to have a positive and impactful mood when arriving for the cleaning job. That way, when we are finished with the job, your house will look beautiful and clean. You also have a healthier mindset and feel better overall waking up and coming home from work.

Choose Jenny clean for your cleaning needs in the Michigan area and you will not regret it. It is so easy to sign up for your free consult! Simply visit our website at jennyclean.com and schedule your free consult so that you can get your first cleaning for a dollar. Due to the job being so cheap, you will need to sign up for a recurring membership. We understand that you may not want to sign up for a membership before observing her services, but that is why we have our first service costing only a dollar. That way, you will be able to see how good we really are! We know how well we do and therefore we know that you will decide to stay with us forever after your first cleaning session.